22 july 2013

The treatment for breast cancer and Chemotherapy treatment and it's side effects  can be confusing at best and mind blowing. I hope by setting up this site to let  people know what to expect and share 1 person's ways of coping. It was a shock to discover a lump, no one wants it, but then as I came to terms with it, I realised there are worse things to have and I will come out the other side.

The big message is-

Check yourself-

do it sitting, standing and lying down. I found mine lying down, couldn't feel it sitting up. 


UPDATE July 30th 2014

I've just been to see consultant, It is still very sore to touch but she says everything is fine and 'eventually' it will get better.

Can't believe it's over a year since initial diagnosis!! Well I'm still here.

My hair is now short and curly not long and straight as it has been all my life. It looks great. Apparently I look 10 years younger.  My husband says he doesn't need mid life crisis he has a new wife now!!! I now look at my life as 'before and after'. I am a changed person now but still the same.  I have learned alot about myself and also other people around me. I would never have chosen this route to get here but I can say I like where I am now.

This will probably be my last post so Thanks for following, best of luck to anyone reading this.

God Bless.


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